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How long will the appointment take?

A single HBOT session typically takes 1 hour and 10 minutes (which includes the pressurising and depressurising process). You may choose to do a 90 minute session or 2 sessions back-to-back if you wish.


You may benefit from anywhere between 3 to 80 sessions depending on the severity of your condition and whether it is an acute or chronic injury.


If you request, we can recommend a treatment protocol that would yield best results for your condition but ultimately it's up to you whether you choose to follow it. We understand that everyone has differing time and financial constraints.


What should you bring to your appointment?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and you will be required to take off your shoes so you may wish to wear socks and perhaps bring a small blanket. You may also wish to bring your own pillow if you are uncomfortable using the clinics vinyl pillows.


You may bring laptops, iPads, iPhones and small portable music devices into the chamber with you. There is also a selection of magazines available in the clinic.


Please refrain from smoking at least half an hour before your appointment and avoid strongly scented perfumes. Cigarette lighters, incendary devices, knitting needles, sharp objects and ink pens are prohibited.


The process

You will be zipped into the deflated chamber and the chamber will start to inflate to almost double the size. This is the pressurisation process and at which point you will feel the pressure build in your ears. You will need to equalise your ears this same way you would on a flight. You may experience a pressure sensation in your head, this is normal during the pressurising and de-pressuring process.


Once you’ve descended to 1.35 ATA and your ears have adjusted you will feel completely relaxed and you may read, use your laptop or iPad, listen to music or sleep. There is an LED light for reading.


You will have the option of wearing a face mask or the specially designed headset in the Salus36 chambers for the entire session through which you will breathe high levels of oxygen.


Post treatment you may report a increased energy and sense of alertness.


Health and Hygene

Cleanliness and hygene are a high priority at ADVANCE o2. Each patient purchases their own oxygen face mask to prevent contamination if they choose the face mask option.



What to expect during your HBOT treatment



The chamber is designed with a side zip for improved access but patients with reduced mobility may struggle to enter and exit the chamber through the opening. If this is of concern it may be worthwhile visiting our clinic before booking a full appointment.